Welcome to Atlanta

Proud to be the leaders in Luxury Limousine services in Atlanta


Our pricing model gives our customers the best value at all times.

How our pricing works:

The pricing of our Atlanta limousine service is based on what exactly the customer needs for their event. Get in contact with us soon and we can get you a quote tailored to your ideal vehicle. We don't list specific expenses online to rent because there are many details that go into the final costs of each rental.

Here at Atlanta Limousine Bus, it is our priority to make sure we get you the right vehicle for your budget and event. Our experiences staff will be able to assist you in finding the perfect vehicle.

What we need to give you an accurate quote:

Before calling us for a quote, please know what sort of event you plan on doing, the time you need the rental, the areas where you need to travel (includes pickup, drop off, and all the destinations in between), and the date and time of the day you need it. Those are all the general factors to consideration with each and every rental.

We will work hard to make sure we give you the best possible quote for your occasion, our knowledgeable staff may also be able suggest some minor changes that will save you money.